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 "Stay Home Mom Discovers Simple, Easy to Learn Secrets to Earning Serious Money in Network Marketing, Just By Knowing How to Talk to People...And Her Approach Works With Absolutely Any Network Marketing Program"

Jackie Ulmer, Six Figure WAHM

From: Jackie Ulmer, MLM Trainer, Coach and Consultant
Street Smart Wealth Group 
Lake Arrowhead, California


You can master the communication skills necessary to sponsor dozens of people into your Network Marketing business each and every month, have them calling you back to join your opportunity, and transform them into unstoppable downline building 90 days or less.

Network marketing doesn't have to be difficult. And, you don't have to spend years of your life to succeed. You don't have to talk to everybody you see, and you don't even have to make a list of your family and friends.

That's the old system.

You do, however have to be willing to talk to people, and you have to be willing to say the right thing.


Your Network Marketing Business Using Methods From 5 Years Ago is Like Trying to Travel the World In the Titanic...When You Have An F16 sitting in Your Driveway.



 "Old School" Network Marketing will lead you to believe the junk you learned in Sales 101 - the person asking the questions is in control of the conversation; answer a question with a question, and on and on.

While this is true to a point, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. After all, do you like to be controlled while in a conversation with another? Do you like to have a question you ask answered with a questions?


And who does, anyway?

Network Marketing has evolved and you must evolve with it in order to survive.

You need the right conversation skills to attract your prospect to you and your opportunity.

Have you struggled in the past with what to say when talking to people about your business? Have you sat down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and tried to hammer out a script that would flow easily, sound natural and appeal to your prospect, only to wad up your paper in despair, hours later?

Luckily, this does not need to spell the end of your Network Marketing career. Help is on the way!

Here are 12 Secrets to Earning a Lucrative Paycheck in Network Marketing by Saying the Right Things Every Time to Your Prospects...

  • New Selling Skills, learn to easily develop rapport with your prospects and have them asking you for more details on your business (page 5).

  • The Art of Asking Questions, learn to play detective and extract your prospect's "why", and have your prospect's eating out of your hands (page 7).

  • Use the Tools, this is a business of duplication and the more tools you arm yourself with and use, the faster your team will duplicate and your paycheck will explode (page 7).

  • The Power of the 3-Step System, always know what the next step is with your prospect and you'll never be guessing how you should proceed. (page 8).

  • Develop the Competitive Edge, there is a slight edge that all Network Marketing masters possess, and this is a LEARNED skill! You can have it, too, and it's the key to your success! (page 9)

  • The How, What, When and Why of Talking to Your Prospects, dozens of tried, tested and proven script to deal with any situation while calling prospects (page 11).

  • 800 Infoline Scripts,  set up your voice mail to work effectively for you and screen your prospects by delivering a message packed with the benefits of your opportunity and inviting them leave their name and number for a call back (page 35).

  • How to Run an Effective Email Campaign, ready to automate your efforts, to some extent? Use these proven campaigns, combined with the personal tough and watch your email box "light up" with people asking you about your business (page 48).

  • Learn to Handle Objections with Ease and Sponsor Them Into Your Business Anyway,  an objection is nothing more than a need to know more. Put yourself on the same side of the table and ease their concerns (page 77).

  • The Great "Take-Away", know when to say no first and take away your opportunity. This easy techniques separates the tire kickers from the serious and keeps your business "rejection free" (page 82)

  • Creating Momentum with Your Team, get your team involved and create a recruiting explosion that is ongoing. Define the leaders in your business and work to create new ones (page 85)

  • Resources to Assist You In Your Business, a listing of the places to find website design and templates, auto responders to automate your email campaigns, pre-qualified leads for your business, and more (page 87).


So, let's cut to the chase.

If you are honestly interested in learning the skills of the Network Marketing masters, and creating the type of business and income you have only dreamed up, you've got to see what I've put together for you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your decision right now will affect you, your family and those on your team (and those yet to come) who are waiting for your coaching and leadership.

For me, the day I began to listen, be coachable and practice these simple techniques is the day my life and business changed for the better, for good!

Don't you think it's your turn? Order Street Smart Scripts today and begin sponsoring immediately.

Say the Right thing to every MLM ProspectStreet Smart Scripts - Turbo Charge Your Prospecting Calls by Saying the Right Thing Every Time!


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