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While my primary coaching outline consists of coaching other network marketing professionals how to effectively use the Internet and Social Media Marketing techniques to find prospects and sponsor more people; I also offer Network Marketing Basics; Leadership Development and more.

Here is a little more on each program -

Network Marketing Basics

To be successful in any business endeavor, one must develop certain skills. Network Marketing is no different. Even though no specific education is required, success is an ongoing process of education and development in certain areas. We will cover -

  • Your Belief and Mindset - this involves a thorough understanding of how Network Marketing works; why it works; and how to feel confident sharing the concept.
  • How to develop your contact list; invite; present and follow up. Notifying your warm market list is critical, and there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Let's learn the right way and have success!
  • Objections - how to overcome your own first and then those of your prospects.
  • Setting up your Single Daily Actions and a working Business Plan that fits you. After all, you wouldn't start an ice cream store without a business plan, why start your Network Marketing business without one?
  • Make Your First 30 Days Count - even if you are way beyond 30 days in your business. It's never too late for a great business launch.
  • Developing the Leader Within You -  yes, you have leadership skills. Let's talk about making them work for you!
  • Much more! We can cover just about anything you want.


Leadership Development

As your business grows, so must you, and coaching a team successfully starts with specific leadership skills. Remember, leaders are created, not always born. You'll learn -

  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability First - the buck must always stop here! Once you empower yourself to take on your own responsibility for your life; your success; your failure and your future, you can empower others to do the same!
  • Lead Forward -  A successful shepherd leads his flock, he doesn't stand behind and prod. Stay in front of the pack and inspire your team with your actions and your successes. Remember, the speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader. Be the leader who shines!
  • How to Identify Leaders -  Most leaders are easy to spot in your downline. Learn some things to watch for and then some methods to draw out and coach the best in others.
  • Inspiration vs. Motivation -  it's impossible to motivate another person. Know the differences and how to create a team in action through inspiration.
  • Fast Start Training - Getting your team off to a successful start is the key to success and increased leadership. We'll develop a fast start plan that works.
  • And Much More! Let's talk about what else you desire...


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