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MLM, the Internet and YOU - How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Online

This book is for those who want to develop a solid, substantial business, income and lifestyle building a Network Marketing business using the Internet as a primary prospecting and sorting tool!

 If you are or want to be a serious, successful network marketer, this book is a must read...

MLM the Internet and You - Jackie Ulmer's Online MLM Success Guide"In 1999, I was well entrenched in my Network Marketing business, but tired of chasing people down to look at my business. I was tired of 'coffee shop' no-shows; tire kickers; and those who had no money, didn't understand the industry and were not serious. I decided to study the Internet and learn how to master this remarkable tool and get people coming to me to join my business. Guess What? It worked! My success story is in this book!"



Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Trainer and CoachFrom: Jackie Ulmer, MLM Trainer, Direct Sales Coach and Consultant
Street Smart Wealth Group
Lake Arrowhead, California

Dear Network Marketing Professional,

You may be able to relate to my story. In fact, I am willing to "put it on the line" and guess that we are probably very much alike.

You are already sold on the concept of Network Marketing, and maybe you've already selected a great business. You know the product line, the compensation plan, and have set some solid goals for what you want to accomplish for yourself and your family.

But, you are spinning your wheels.

Talking to family and friends have left you feeling frustrated and like you'll never get your business off the ground. You may have run advertising or purchased "business opportunity leads" only to find tire kickers and people looking for a job, not a business. Or worse, someone who doesn't even remember asking for information on a home business.

You may have been told to use the "three foot rule" and go out talking to everyone you meet; put "sizzle cards" on car windshields and put up flyers all over.

And, if you are like me, you may have found this to be a VERY slow process.

Your full time job, family, and other obligations leaves you with very little time to put toward your Network Marketing business. You may have even thought about throwing in the towel, and giving up your dream of

  • Being Your Own Boss
  • Setting Your Own Paycheck
  • Total Time and Financial Freedom


So, you've turned to the Internet in hopes of finding the elusive answer that will turn your business around. And, wading through so much information online can be a challenge as well, right?


Here is my story, you may be able to relate!



Well, you are not alone. I had these same feelings at one time. I found the answer and I want to share it with you. It's not as difficult as it may seem, and it does require a commitment to learn and experiment.

If you are looking for the knowledge of how to take your existing business to the Internet, market it successfully online, and have your prospects come to you, read on........

MLM the Internet and YOU

Is this you?

You want to build a successful Network Marketing business, but you are tired of chasing family, friends, neighbors and anyone else within three-feet of you.

You are tired of long, boring hotel meetings and endless coffee shop no-shows. After all, you started this business in order to have more time, not less, right?

You have limited time available to build a business, and want to maximize technology and tools such as the Internet and email.

Maybe you are frustrated because you "get" the concept, but want a different and more effective method for building your current MLM business.

Hi Jackie,

I bought your e-book MLM BootCamp, I wish I had done that sooner. I have been "recycling myself" in Network Marketing for over 2 years now- I have to admit, I am exhausted:-(

Your website and your book are a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for putting it together.

Very Grateful,

Ismary L.

Great news! You CAN build a lucrative MLM, online, using your computer and telephone, without chasing people you know, or sacrificing your precious family time!

And, you don't have to waste your time on tire-kickers, looky-lou's or anyone else that is not ready and serious about getting started in an MLM business.


What if you had -

A stream of steady leads, pre-qualified and interested in an MLM

A personal blog or website, linked right into your company site

Coaching and training by someone already successful in MLM, without leaving your current company

Complete training on how to market your business and your website online

See some of my video training and get an idea of how I have built my business>>>

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MLM the Internet and You - Buy it Now
Sound like something you would be interested in? Read on…..

Here's my story in a nutshell.

I started in Network Marketing in January, 1994. I researched dozens of companies and all types of options for staying at home. I was very skeptical about Network Marketing in the beginning.

 Once I educated myself on what the MLM industry is all about, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in with both feet.

Six years later, I had a million-dollar business, a downline of thousands and an exciting paycheck.

There was one small problem, though. I wasn't truly happy with what I was doing.

I had exhausted the warm market approach. I was tired of the endless meetings, driving all over town to meet with people who were actually looking for a job or a get-rich-quick scheme. And, since I didn't really enjoy the method I was using to build my business, I was not excited about training others to do the same.

I found the Internet in October of 1999, and the rest, as they say, is history. In 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, I was named "Top Gun Recruiter" for the company I represented. The 2004/2005 winner bought this book, and took my classes, was coached by me and used the methods presented here.


Also, all ten of the top sponsors in that company for 2006 were from my team, and all using the internet!


Jackie, aloha. Just finished reading your book MLM the Internet and You. Wow! What a masterful job you have done of painting the possibilities of online marketing while giving a well defined “how to” blueprint to accomplish goals.

Your common sense/no nonsense approach is exactly what I need to expand my business online. Though I have been successful in network marketing for 18 years, I have always built my businesses in the “traditional” way. Now, thanks to you, I can help more people in more ways live the life they want. Mahalo and aloha.

Janet Callaway, The Natural Networker

I learned how to effectively market a personal website (and myself) instead of my company first. I learned how to attract prospects to me (yes, people do call me first.) And, I learned how to work only with pre-qualified leads.

No more family, friends or three-foot rule. No more spending hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on opportunity leads who are looking for a job, not a Network Marketing business.

And, I got so good at this that I sponsored more people in six months than I did in six years!

More importantly, I fell in love with my business, the system, and teaching other people how to do the exact same thing.

And, I think that is why you are here.

If you are serious and committed to your business and moving it to a six-figure level, you are going to want to learn how to use the internet effectively to achieve what you want! 

If you are sick and tired of cold calling and begging unqualified prospects to join your MLM opportunity; tired of chasing your family and friends; frustrated with a downline that drops out as fast as you can sign them up, then we need to talk!

I have perfected a number of recruiting strategies that, if applied diligently, can double and triple your income - in record time.

I don't make that statement lightly, either.

And, I am willing to share my secrets with you on the process.

 Here Are the Secrets You Will Discover About Using the Internet to Build a Lucrative Paycheck in Network Marketing, truly working from home with the Internet and your telephone.

MLM, the Internet and YOU - How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Online - What's in the E-Book - 


MLM the Internet and YOUAbout the Internet, it's a sorting tool and the best way I have ever found to get people coming to you. This way puts all of the fun back into the business (page 12)

No More Overcoming Objections, When people have the chance to learn about your business without you being physically present, they work through any objections right there. I never hear "Is this a pyramid?" anymore! (page 13).

Qualified Prospects, they know your business, the start up costs and what will be expected of them before they sign up. (page 13).

Developing a Personal Website, this sells you and not just your company. It's something that can be listed in the search engine and will put you out there to be found by those who are company and sponsor shopping! (page 21).

The "Opt-In" List, develop a successful campaign to capture the names and emails of your prospects and "drip" information on them until they are ready to get started. Communicate with thousands with a few simple key strokes. (page 32).

How to Market Your Site Online, So, you've built it, now how do you get them to come! You'll learn the best strategies for getting excited, qualified prospects to your site and signed up in your business! (page 48)

Your Target Market - How to Find and Sponsor Them, Wouldn't you love to work with those people whom you share something in common with? Think this might raise your success level? You bet it does. Find them online! (page 52).

Search Engines, learn how to get your site ranked high and producing traffic for you 24/7. People are out there looking for a business. Put yourself out there to be found. (page 58).

Branding Yourself Online, Make your name a household name online and get people associating you with your business and website. Branding is the key and here is how you do it. (page 118).

Social Media Marketing Strategies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and More! This is critical! (pg 94)

You Have a Lead, Now What?, How to take your High Tech business and make it High Touch as well. Knowing how to develop the relationship is key to being a "sponsor monster." (page 121).

Your Daily Internet Strategy, develop a strategy so you know what to do and what steps you will take daily online to grow your business. (page 126).

Duplication and Coaching, how to get your team duplicating your steps and how to coach them in the process. (page 129).

And so much more!

So, bottom line - are you ready to use the most phenomenal tool in your lifetime to build a successful Network Marketing business?

If you are honestly interested in learning the skills of the successful Internet Network Marketing masters, and creating the type of business and income you have only dreamed up, you've got to see what I've put together for you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your decision right now will affect you, your family and those on your team (and those yet to come) who are waiting for your coaching and leadership.

I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars educating myself and developing the principles for success online. Today, my life and my business create something only dreamed of by most.

Don't you think it's your turn? Order MLM, The Internet and YOU today and get started right now online. You'll be glad you did!



I love your new site. You have been an inspiration to me the last 6 months. I have been setting up my marketing system online between a full time job and family. When I get stuck I can usually always find an answer with you. This is a bit of a long process setting up my marketing funnel online up front, but well worth it.

I wanted to thank you for paving the way and being a source of guidance for me. I am looking forward to exploding my business when I get my system completed.

With your coaching I know there be no stopping the growth of my online business. These are exciting times for Internet network marketers and am very glad I have you as a leader and coach.

Thanks again,

Paula M.


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