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 Okay, your website should be up, your automated campaign is in gear and ready to go; now you are ready to get your marketing funnels and campaigns set up and driving traffic back to your "hub", your personal website.

Here is the potential challenge - when you first get "out there" it can seem very overwhelming. Where do you go, what do you do first; and how do you do it?

Save yourself some time and frustration and get some good education. This will allow you to begin generating leads quickly without making any embarrassing online maneuvers that might hurt you later. 



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Basic Online Concepts



The Internet truly changed the way I build my business and the success that I have experienced. It's not overnight success, however, and it does involve time, some expense and patience. If you don't already have internet knowledge (I didn't know anything except email when I started) you can still be successful but it is going to take a commitment.


What doesn't, right? If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and be successful.


So, be ready to learn, study, try, fail and pick yourself back up. There are some free and paid resources listed.



My recommendation is to find only one or possibly two mentors to follow and don't buy every high dollar program you see that promises you overnight success and riches online. I started in 1999, and while I have had great success, there is no magic pill.



Here is my story first, so you get a basic understanding of it all. My Decision to Take My Business Online  - VIDEO 



Besides my own e-book (because I share exactly what I've done and I know it's true), my next pick is the Magnetic Sponsoring series. Sign up for the free video tutorials and see if you want to move forward.

Magnetic Sponsoring Online - This program teaches you some highly profitable and effective techniques for attracting prospects to you through the internet. It's a very affordable approach that has proven key in my business. Great educational information that, placed into action, can build a stable business.

Get the Networker's Manifesto and Understand Online Marketing>>> While I don't like the style this trainer takes, I agree with what is being shared to some degree. It's a free download so get it and take a look; decide for yourself.


Get Some MLM Online Education at the FREE University >>>>> - Mike Klingler put together some free tutorials that are helpful in your online business education. Take advantage of the free stuff; make sure you understand it; and then decide if you want to move forward.





Social Media Marketing and Networking Online



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How to Create An Effective Social Profile  VIDEO 



Creating a Warm Market Online, Specifically With Facebook  VIDEO  



How to Succeed at Attraction Marketing Online   VIDEO 



How to Use Video Marketing - It's not that difficult! VIDEO


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