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MLM Leads - How to Generate Your Own

Your MLM Business lives and dies by your ability to find people to speak with daily about your business. And, by daily, I mean that you have more than just a "hobby" business. And, you are serious about your business, right? That's why you are here?

Creating a names list of people to talk to about your business is really only limited by a couple of things, and take note, these are -

  • Your Fears
  • Procrastination
  • Your Presumptions
  • Your Lack of True Desire

Now, before you come running after me with the butcher knife, I want you to think about this clearly. And, allow yourself to be authentic in your answers, you might just find that the scenario above fits you.

It sure fit me for a long time. I like to coach people, though, on how to maximize their list with simply notifying; big difference from bugging, begging, cajoling; tricking, etc.

And, once you've fulfilled your obligation to yourself and those you love, you can move into other ways of generating leads.

These are the ones typically thought of next -

  • Running Business Opportunity/Help Wanted Ads
  • Buying "Biz Op" leads
  • Buying Genealogy lists
  • Placing Sizzle Cards on windshields
  • Mall Walking
  • Prospecting at Shows and Expos
  • Joining Networking Groups

All of these have worked and still worked, so don't bash them.

Personally, though, for me, most of these were not great options in October of 1999, when I had preschooler's at home and almost no time of my own.

The Internet offered the most viable solution I could find. Imagine, a method where people would come to you, already interested in what you offer.

Sign me up! And, that's what happened. This is often called "Attraction Marketing."

I call it - people moving toward me instead of me moving toward them. And, the Internet offered the best of the best for this.

Attraction Marketing is about attracting prospects to your business who contact you. It's not you chasing after people, spamming them with emails they don't want, etc.

Attraction Marketing for your MLM Business consists of:

  • People who find you through Search Engines
  • Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
  • Online Forums, Groups and Networking
  • BLOGs
  • Articles Video Marketing (hot market, see my YouTube page for Ideas!)
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • And More

This is what I coach others to do. And there are 5 primary components to making it happen -

  • BLOG
  •  Social Sites
  • Your Opt-In List
  • Content to draw them in
  • Personal site, used to sell yourself and guide to your opportunity

Most people go into the "selling" game way too early.

More details in my CD set, Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business With Web 2.0; and my E-book, MLM; the Internet and You; as  well as my One on One Coaching.