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Should you be using Old School Traditional Methods to build your MLM or New School Technology? 

You've probably hear much of the debate as it rages on! Old School, Belly to Belly to build the business? Only warm market? Which should it be?
Well, after 6 years of building it traditionally, I went online. That was in October, 1999 and my biggest concern was that Y2K would wipe out all of my efforts.
I started sponsoring online and never looked back, but.....there is a lot more to the story.

So, what do you think? Do you want to explore some options for building your business both ways? If you are confused and overwhelmed, start with my Ebook - MLM, the Internet and You! It is truly my blue print from 1999 to the present. Some things have changed, and much reminas the same. I'll show you how to get your online business system up and running!

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