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Welcome to my MLM Training by Video Section. My goal is to offer a more interactive approach to training you on specific topics related to Building Your MLM Business. And, specifically, my passion - Building Your Business Online through Attraction Marketing and Generating Your Own MLM Leads.


So, let me introduce the concepts -




So, with that, your first training video will be a tour of the home page of my website so you can get clear on the key components as you layout your website; what you want to add; why; and how to engage your prospect -



Why a personal website? Get the scoop on why this is a powerful part of the process -



How to choose a domain name - get something you LOVE and here are some tips -



What is Attraction Marketing and what do you need to do to benefit from this amazing method of attracting leads to you? Here is an explanation including the tools/strategy you will need -



How to Set up an effective Social Media Marketing Profile, specifically using Facebook. There are some definite "dos" and "do nots" so take notes.


How to use video Marketing in your Online Business Building Efforts. It's not as hard as you think -





More Video Training Options -


  • Tim Sales With MLM Facts
    Tim Sales, Networking Professional, shares some insight into why people fail and more.
  • MLM Mindset - Get it if you want to succeed
    MLM Mindset - You must have a mindset for success in order to be successful in MLM.
  • 90 Day Action Plan
    Your 90 Day MLM Business Action Plan is an important part of getting started, creating momentum and moving forward.
  • MLM Tribes
    Seth Godin created a masterpiece with his book "Tribes." Learn more about how this fits into your MLM Business Model. Who's your Tribe; are you going to lead it?
  • Magnetic Sponsoring Review
    Magnetic Sponsoring is a great tool to learn Internet Marketing for your MLM Network Marketing business. Jackie Ulmer shares her story.


I'll be adding lots of video training for you to review. In the meantime, preview my YouTube channel -

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